Where to Buy Cake Carts

Where to Buy Cake Carts

Where to Buy Cake Carts

You’re probably wondering where to buy cake carts online. There are several websites coming up who claim to sell the real deal, but at the end of the day, a fake is what you get. Cakes carts are kept ideal to prevent kids from getting their hands full.

The founded makes a market place out of a social network. However, as business keeps expanding, you can now have cake carts on his official webstore (Cake Carts Store). ONLY HERE will you will find original products directly from the manufacturer.

They also sell them locally in Oregon at some shops. These are legit and some will knock you on your a$$. The smoothness and pleasure derived from these carts can lead to high tolerance. Individuals can go through a 1g cart in a week if they really want to.

Where to buy cake carts online
Buy Cake Carts

Below are what some clients get to say regarding cake carts. Where to Buy Cake Carts

“Not the first time I hit their “space cake” strain. My god. I usually take three decent hits, wait for like 15 min, puff a few more and then check back every couple hours or so”

“Two hits and I literally had to lie down cuz my whole world was literally spinning”.

“And if you still think they are still fake… here is their newest updated disposable. If some is making these fakes I just want to shake their damn hand cuz it’s pretty high quality both in looks, functionality and quality. 

“There fake dudes trust the quality is shit there so cheaply made you can break it in half it’s a cheap plastic disposal that’s not even a legit brand like it’s genuinely not real an if licensed dispensaries Arnt selling them they probably Arnt very good quality either way. I’ve held one I even hit it and it just feels like a knock off disposable”

“Ok I did find a fake Cake puff bar and they really fooled me. I decided to scan QR code and got sent to pics of camouflage! I grabbed another one scanned it and was sent to Cake’s site and it asked me to enter my code number which is a scratch off on the little box above the QR code.

Then it confirmed that my product was authentic. So please scan qr with your phone and make sure that the box has a scratch off strip above qr code! That fake one messed up my lungs. Who knows what was in it!!!”

“The best disposable puff bar! These are new! And they are fire AF! You can see the oil through the lens on the side, super thick and it’s a beautiful golden honey color. The pen needs to have the QR code and scratch off batch number to be legit!”

Where to Buy Cake Carts.

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